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Banishing Voodoo Doll

Banishing Voodoo Doll For Sale


A poppet, also called voodoo doll or doll baby is a very special magical item shaped like that of a person. The doll is used to represent a person and create a likeness of another for spell work. They are typically used for healing, protection and enhancing other areas of ones life. Poppets have been in use since ancient Egyptian times (4000 b.c.) and are continued to be used to this day.

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Many different magical paths include poppets as an integral part of their spell works. Poppets are often filled with herbs, crystals or other magical items relative to the purpose of the doll.

This listing is for a complete Voodoo Doll Spell Kit (Black) with herbs, spell oil, holy water, corresponding candle and “detailed Instructions” for how to use your poppet are included.


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